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Old Russian Natural Treatment for Degenerative Joint Disease (Osteoarthritis)

by Andreea Laza

Russian Remedy for Degenerative Joint Disease

Degenerative joint disease, also known as osteoarthritis is a type of arthritis that affects only the joints and often times those on one side of the body more than those on the other.

Here are a few simple natural treatments that have been effective for patients suffering from degenerative joint disease.

The Old Russian Natural Treatment for Osteoarthritis

The fundament of this remedy is drinking warm water that has been boiled previously.

  • For the following 6 days, this warm water will replace the tap water or any other type of water that you use to drink.

Another side of this treatment is done externally and it implies hayflower baths. For this, you need to use dried hay, never freshly cut.

  1. First, cover the entire bathtub with a plastic wrap, in which you make an opening for the head, so the steam doesn’t come out.
  2. Separately, boil for about 30 minutes 1 kg of hay flowers and pour the entire content in the bathtub water.
  3. Immediately after you get in the tub, use the waterproof plastic cover to bathtub and make sure it goes comfortably tight around your neck, so no steams come out.

The duration of the hayflower bath is 15 minutes, while you can add hot water if you feel the water is going cold in the tub.

The water temperature must be bearable hot, so if you’re suffering from heart conditions, you need to be careful. Take one bath per day in the evening.

A complete natural treatment for degenerative joint disease implies around 40 to 50 baths, after which you need to pause.

After a months’ time you may resume the treatment once again.

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Make This Osteoarthritis Remedy More Efficient

You need to pay great attention to your diet. First off, you need to:

  • Exclude all meat and meat based products from your diet, as well as fats and flour products (bread, pasta etc).
  • Eat raw cow milk that hasn’t been boiled and natural yogurt but in smaller quantities
  • Eat tomatoes in large quantities as well as fresh fruits and veggies.

Stay well! Stay healthy!

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