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3 Natural Remedies for Scars that Work

by Andreea Laza
Natural Remedies for Scars with Recipes #scarremedy#scartreatment

Scars can be a real aesthetic issue especially if they are on the face skin.

Either we’re talking acne scars or scars from mild injuries, the 3 natural remedies here can help. They come from a large collection of old remedies from the Danube Valley, Europe.

Let’s begin.

1. Honey & Egg Yolk Remedy for Scars

This home remedy is especially effective for burn scars.

For this, mix well 1 egg yolk and 1 tsp of honey, until you get a homogenous paste. Use this natural mask to apply on the scars, three times a day.

This quantity should be enough for one day of treatment.

Before applying the egg yolk and honey remedy, wash the scar area with chamomile tea. Then apply the remedy and leave it on for 1 hour. Wash it off with chamomile tea again and apply a thin layer of chamomile balm. After the third application, leave the chamomile balm on overnight.

Repeat the remedy for 7-8 days consecutively and you’ll see the rough, hard scar tissue will once again become smooth and soft.

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2. Mutton Tallow Remedy for Scars

This home remedy for scars is quite ancient. If you can’t find mutton tallow available near you, you can replace it with pure lanolin. Pure lanolin is naturally found in mutton tallow, this is why it is a great replacement, as long as is 100% pure.

Anoint the scars with warmed up mutton tallow or lanolin, preferably in the evening, before going to bed. Massage it gently on the scar tissue, until it is almost completely absorbed. If the smell doesn’t bother you, apply it during the day as well.

In time, the skin will recover almost completely. But you have to be consistent and continue applying it daily until you see results.

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3. Swedish Bitter Can Heal Scars

Swedish Bitter heals all scars, bruises or cuts signs, even old ones. In order to see results, you need to apply it at least 40 times. Swedish Bitter is also good for scars from burns (fire, hot water or hot oil), is anointed repeatedly.

The best way to use Swedish Bitter to heal scars is to apply it every evening on the affected area.

Before padding the bitter on the scars, apply chamomile balm, by rubbing it in gently.

Swedish Bitter is an effective home remedy for other skin problems, such as erysipelas or chicken pox if used as poultice for 2-4 hours on the affected skin.

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A Folk Remedy for Scars from the Danube Valley

People of the Danube Valley used a lot of folk remedies to treat their health issues.

For scars in particular, they used to crack a few eggs in a pan and fry them on low heat (with no oil), until an oil-like substance would come out. Then they would stir continuously with a wooden spoon, until the eggs start to smoke heavily. After the eggs have chilled, they collected that oil in a cup. They used this oil to anoint their scars, three times a day. To preserve its properties, the cup was covered and kept in a cool place.

It is said that this oil is very effective for any kind of scar on the skin.

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