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3 Natural Remedies for Polysinusitis

by Andreea Laza

natural remedies for polysinusitis

Polysinusitis is the type of sinusitis that in manifested by the simultaneous inflammation of two or more sinuses.

Although most doctors say there is no definite treatment for sinusitis and recommend punctures or surgery, we offer you here a few natural remedies for polysinusitis that you can try before making the decision to go for surgery of the sinuses.

3 Natural Remedies for Polysinusitis

1. Cottage Cheese, Remedy for Polysinusitis

Do the simple cottage cheese compress as follows:

  • Warm cottage cheese compresses applied on the face, over the inflamed sinuses works wonders. This is how you do it.
  • Heat up ½ kg of fresh organic cottage cheese.

Tip! You can do this by placing the cheese on the inside of a lid over a pot in which you are boiling water, so the cheese warms up from the hot water vapors. Don’t heat it up beyond bearable, make sure your face skin can support the heat and don’t get burned or anything.

  • Place a part of the heated cheese on a cheesecloth or a fabric handkerchief and place the compress on your maxillary sinuses.
  • Use the other part of the cheese for compresses on the frontal sinuses.
  • Keep the compress on for about 30 minutes, until the cheese starts to slowly dry out.
  • Repeat the procedure for the following 4-5 days, always using fresh cheese (throw away the used cheese).

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2. Mud Compress, a Polysinusitis Remedy

  • Apply 40-45° therapeutic mud on your face, over the affected sinuses.
  • Keep the mud on until you get the sensation of cold (5 minutes).
  • Wash off the mud with warm water. 10-15 sessions are recommended preferably in the hot season.
  • While you do this procedure and 2-4 weeks after, avoid high-flow air.
  • Always keep your feet dry and warm and never stay with your hair wet.

3. Traditional Chinese Remedy for Polysinusitis

You need the following essential oils: lavender, sage, chamomile, eucalyptus and mint.

  • Boil 1 L of water in a pot and when it simmers add 3 drops of each of the essential oils in the water.
  • Then you’re ready to start your inhalations for 2-4 minutes the following 6 days. That’s it!

We are 100% positive that one or more of these natural remedies for polysinusitis will really help you out in ameliorating the symptoms of sinusitis and in the end healing your sinuses forever.

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