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3 Natural Remedies for Measles

by Andreea Laza

Best Measles Remedies

Perhaps the most popular childhood condition, measles comes with symptoms like fever, runny nose, red eyes, cough and of course, the specific skin rash. 

We have here a few natural remedies for measles that can be used in the different stages of measles, as you’ll see.

Measles Symptoms

  • Poor general state
  • Lack of appetite
  • So-called Koplik’s spots (white spots on the inside of the cheeks)

Measles can have complications at the ear level and even worse, encephalitis, so a few natural remedies may always come in handy.

Hopefully, these simple natural remedies for measles based on greater burdock and all the tips and advice here will really help you out with your little one.

Complete Natural Remedy for Measles – For All 7 Phases

  • Phase 1 – When the patient is agitated or the measles bursts all of a sudden, Aconitum napellus, also known as monkshood or monk’s blood is recommended.
  • Phase 2 – When the patient’s eyes turn red and sore, feels really agitated and has fever but refuses to stay covered in bed, Apis Mellifica is what you need.
  • Phase 3 – When the measles is debuting, the patient has very high fever, his face is congested but he doesn’t feel thirst, Belladonnae is highly efficient.
  • Phase 4 – When measles debut is slow, the patient feels really thirsty and movement causes them pain use Bryonia alba, also known as white bryony.
  • Phase 5 – When the patent experiences teary eyes that sting and light sensitivity, Euphrasia (eyebright) is amazing.
  • Phase 6 – When the patient cries all the time, but has slight fever and coughs and feels better when the room is ventilated and chill, Pulsatilla works wonders.
  • Phase 7 – When the patient is very agitated and feels better in a warmed room and environment you may use Rhus Toxicodendron known as poison ivy.

2. Natural Remedy for Measles with Burdock

  • Boil 25 gr of greater burdock root in ½ L of water for 5 minutes. 
  • Leave the tea to cool down and then give your kid to drink a teaspoon of this tea every 5 minutes. 
  • They say that in 3 hours the eruption is done.

However, you need to isolate the sick child in his room for the next 3 days because measles is contagious and he needs his recovery time alone and in peace. 

Make sure he or she drinks a lot of liquids, water and herbal teas, but not soda drinks.

3. Measles Poultice Greater Burdock Poultice for Measles

If the sick child experiences pain you can use the same wonderful plant externally in simple poultices. 

Make a warm poultice by boiling a few burdock leaves in milk for a few minutes. Apply the poultice on the areas that hurt and that’s it.

We hope the remedies for measles here will come in handy. Nature always knows best. Stay healthy, naturally!

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