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Is Elderberry Tincture Bad for COVID-19? The Short Answer is No.

by Andreea Laza

Recent research places elderberry tincture (Sambucus nigra L.) at the forefront as one of the strongest immune system boosters. Did you know that these simple blackberries are a major competitor for mainstream influenza and flu vaccines? It is true. Perhaps this is the reason why, there’s been a lot of internet rumors lately stating that elderberry tincture can be harmful against the coronavirus, or COVID-19. We have written an article about ways to protect against and prevent coronavirus infections COVID-19, which you can read here.

Is Elderberry Tincture Bad for COVID-19? – Elderberry tincture

Is Elderberry Tincture Bad for COVID-19?

But is elderberry tincture actually dangerous to use to prevent the coronavirus (COVID-19) infection? The claim is that elderberry tincture (as well as NSAIDs: Ibuprofen, Motrin, Aleve, Naproxyn, etc) overstimulates the production of cytokines. This creates a so-called cytokine storm, that may actually aggravate the symptoms because COVID19 causes respiratory failure via a cytokine response/release.

What are cytokines?

They are signaling molecules produces by the immune system. These cells have the ability to activate the immune system against pathogens. According to a 2011 study, elderberry tincture activates the immune system by increasing inflammatory cytokine production.

OK, but does this mean that elderberry tincture is actually bad for COVID-19?

We couldn’t agree more with Donnie Yance, Clinical Master Herbalist. He explained in an extensive and thorough article why the elderberry tincture is not bad for COVID-19. He states that herbs don’t overstimulate the release of the cytokines, for the most part, as synthetic drugs do. Also, he provides evidence for why elderberry tincture preparations can actually help relieve symptoms associated with SARS COVID-19.

We really recommend that you read his whole article of elderberry tincture for COVID-19 here.

It is a bit harsh to put together natural elderberry tincture extract with synthetic medication such as Ibuprofen. We all that synthetic drugs come with many side-effects. The reason is that herbs and herbal extracts are always more biological friendly to the human body. They come from nature and our bodies use them better.

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The claim that elderberry tincture is bad for COVID-19 has not been backed yet by any studies. Hence, there is no evidence that taking elderberry tincture can worsen COVID-19. Allopathic medicine knows little or nothing about herbal remedies to make such bold claims.

Is Elderberry Tincture Bad for COVID-19? Nature's Antiviral Vaccine.

Elderberry Tincture, an Alternative for Influenza Vaccine?

Elderberry tincture can actually be a natural alternative to influenza vaccine. Let me explain why.

It seems that elderberry really has something special about it. The action of these berries is so far unique in the world. No other synthetic or natural medicine has yet reached such performances. First-hand researchers around the world have been working for more than ten years on studies on elderberry tincture. These studies have gained overwhelming importance, given humanity is increasingly threatened by a spectrum of life-threatening diseases such as AIDS, SARS, cancer, and leukemia, etc.

They have shown that elderberry extract makes a great alternative to the latest generation of antiviral drugs. Scientists claim that elderberry extract could inhibit the replication of 11 strains of the influenza virus and increase cytokine production. It is capable of neutralizing the most dangerous microbes and greatly increasing the natural defense of the body.

Elderberry tincture can also help cure and prevent the majority of degenerative diseases, including cancer, and prolong biological youth. In a word, yes, a cure with elderberry extract or tincture can be a natural alternative to influenza vaccines. And also save one of the hazards related to the heavy metals and other toxins loaded influenza vaccines.

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How to Use Elderberry Tincture to Prevent Influenza and Viral Infections

The substances contained in the elderberries block the infection of the healthy cells by the influenza viruses. This simple tincture can stop the installation of the disease. For prevention against influenza viruses, including the coronavirus, the best time to follow an elderberry cure is during the autumn, when the berries are harvested. Given that we have elderberry tincture available all year round, this is not the case anymore.

During the influenza epidemics you can follow a 2 weeks cure with elderberry tincture to prevent getting sick.

  • 2-3 tablespoons of elderberry tincture per day, in a cup of water – for prevention.
  • 2-4 tablespoons of elderberry tincture per day, for 7-10 days in a row – if the flu is already installed.

The healing from influenza will be much faster. In addition, elderberry tincture diminishes symptoms related to influenza, including:

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Other Conditions Elderberry Tincture is Good For

Elderberry Tincture for COVID-19

Elderberry Tincture Side Effects

  • Laxative Effect. Elderberry tincture should be used cautiously in large doses (over 2 tablespoons a day). The reason is that it has a strong laxative and purgative effect, and can accelerate intestinal transit. Except for the cases in which you use elderberry tincture to lose weight or relieve constipation. In these cases, it is recommended to take 1 to 2 teaspoons of common lady’s mantle powder (Alchemilla vulgaris) or oak bark powder (Quercus sp.) daily alongside the tincture, to keep the intestinal transit under control.
  • Diarrhea and Fermentation Colitis. Elderberry tinctures and juice should be used carefully by patients suffering from acute or chronic diarrhea, and fermentation colitis.
  • Sensitive Colon. People with a sensitive colon or frequently suffer from bloating should take certain spices with a carminative and anti-inflammatory bowel role: fennel seeds, cumin seeds, basil, mint alongside elderberry tincture.
  • Toxicity. Elderberries are very powerful as a remedy, and like any medicine ingested in too high a dose, it can give have some side effects. These side-effects include vomiting, heartburn, inflammation of the throat, difficulty breathing. One can experiment with these symptoms when having 200 grams of fresh elderberries/juice or 300 grams of elderberry tincture per day.

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Mike February 16, 2021 - 18:48

This info was great, wished there was more info on how to use them. I assume you follow the directions on the bottle. Have a lot of chest congestion since the flu a yr ago. May try oregano oil vapor.

Andreea Laza
Andreea Laza February 17, 2021 - 11:00

Hi, Mike! We’re happy we could help. Yes, the best way to use a natural supplement such as elderberry tincture is by following the instructions on the package. Oregano and thyme oils are very powerful natural antibiotics; you can read more about them here: https://www.mynaturaltreatment.com/strongest-natural-antibiotics-use/. I also recommend this article for you https://www.mynaturaltreatment.com/strengthen-the-respiratory-tract/ Much health and good vibes to you!


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