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6 Natural Immune System Boosters with Recipes

by Andreea Laza

Boost your immune system with these natural remedies!

The immune system is the natural protection barrier that keeps bacteria and viruses away.

When our immune system is down we get sick, this is why it is so important that we maintain a strong immune system at all times.

Here we have for you 6 natural and effective immune system boosters with exact recipes and directions.

Let’s begin!

6 Natural Immune System Boosters w/ Recipes

1. Powerful Echinacea Immunity Booster

Over the last years, Echinacea has come to be known as one of the most powerful natural barrier for microbial diseases, thus an important immune boosting natural remedy.

We are talking about flu, cold, kidney or UTI infections especially.

The most efficient way to take Echinacea is in its powder form, by grinding the dry plant.

Take 1 tsp. of Echinacea powder on an empty stomach, 3 times per day.

A complete cure with Echinacea should last for 2-3 weeks, if you want to prevent viral infections related to the cold season.

If you want to boost the cure’s effects even more, couple it with one of the immune system boosters below.

2. Rose Hip & Sea Buckthorn Immunity Boosters

The dried berries of these shrubs contain large quantities of almost all the vitamins and minerals that strengthen the immune system and allow it to function excellently.

Rose hip powder is found is found in mostly all the natural drug stores.

You can make the seabuckthorn power at home by grinding the dried berries with the coffee grinder.

Mix equal parts of the 2 immune-system boosting powders. Have 1 tsp. of the mix before each meal.

A complete rosehip and sea buckthorn treatment should last for 2-4 weeks.


3. Elderflower Berry Tincture for Immunity

One of the most powerful flu and catarrh prevention remedies is undoubtedly the elderflower berry tincture.

Luckily, this simple yet effective immune system booster is found in most naturist drugs stores.

Besides its immune strengthening action, this tincture also inhibits the growth and development of the viruses that cause the conditions mentioned above.

For a prevention treatment, take 1-2 tbsp. of this tincture daily, with some water, during the flu and cold season.

If you’ve already have some sick symptoms, have 1 tsp. of elderflower berry tincture every 1-2 hours, until you reach a maximum daily dosage of 6 tsp.

4. Hot Basil Tea, an Immune System Boosters

  • Add 1-2 tsp. of dried and minced basil in a cup of hot water.
  • Cover the cup for 15 minutes to allow the tea to infuse and then strain it.
  • Sweeten with some honey and drink it as hot as possible, without burning your tongue.

This immune boosting remedy will lead to a quick hyperthermia (a body temperature rise) that you should not worry about.

The body-warming effect is the thing that will favor the immune system to become more active and inhibit microbial development right away.

Hot basil tea is an excellent remedy for cold prevention and treatment in their initial state.

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5. Immune System Booster with Propolis

One of the best immune system boosters out there is this propolis remedy that has both a mild and yet a powerful action.

It has an immune stimulating and disinfecting action, especially at the level of the middle respiratory tract: tonsils, esophagus, pharynx and larynx.

Mix 3 tsp. of propolis tincture with 3 tbsp. of organic honey and have them throughout the day.

Simple as pie!

6. Royal Jelly & Honey, Homemade Remedy for Immunity

Last but not least, royal jelly is an excellent immune booster, especially recommended for feeling week or underweight patients or people recovering after being sick. Royal jelly helps relax the hormonal activity, which helps strengthens the body’s natural defensive mechanisms.

But this process requires a long term cure, namely 1-3 months.

Have 3 tbsp. of honey mixed with 2% royal jelly.

In other words, 2 grams of royal jelly per 100 grams of honey. The best time to have this is first thing in the morning.

Also, the ideal storage temperature for this royal jelly honey immune booster cure is 2°C temperature, which makes the fridge the best place to keep it.


Exercise, The #1 Immune System Booster

Physical activity is a great means to boost up the body’s natural defense mechanisms.

Performed outdoors, using a correct breathing technique, and without overdoing it is the best workout. The immune system needs an increase in the physical activity, by engaging at least 2-3 times per week in some sorts of sports, especially when the weather outside turns colder.

For example, 30 minutes of walking or jogging.

A few morning exercises with the windows opened are simple yet effective means to activate the immune system and put it to work. It is very important that you stick to a regular physical exercise routine.

Especially when transitioning into winter season. By performing the exercises outdoors you allow the body to adjust to the differences in temperature, and support the immune system to work at its full capacity. Stay well, stay healthy!

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