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6 Best Home Remedies for HPV

by Andreea Laza

Human papillomavirus infection or HPV is one of the most widely spread viral infections.

With over 100 different types, there are only 40 forms of HPV that cause physical lesions to the genital area. HPV infection is very common throughout the general population and can affect people of all ages.

Common Symptoms of HPV

An human papillomavirus infection can take long periods of time to develop, with no apparent symptomatology.

However, the most common are genital warts. Internally, an HPV infection is manifested through warts or wounds around the cervix.

Other forms of HPV come with hand warts or skin tags.

Out of all the 100+ HPV forms, only 15 of can lead to cancer development. Not all of them actually cause these type of malignant lesions. Over 90% of the HPV genital infections are naturally eliminated from the body in around 2 to 4 years.

Also, out of all the pre-cancer formations caused by the HPV, 60% of the mild forms, 45% of the average and 33% of the advanced forms can cure without any medical treatment.

The self-healing mechanism of the HPV infection is still unknown as well as the development of cancerous formations due to HPV.

Medical studies have revealed that only 2% of HPV infections reach a cancerous stage, hence HPV is merely a risk factor for cervix cancer not a sure cause.

remedies for human papillomavirus

6 Home Remedies for Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

As we mentioned, the first thing to consider when contracting HPV is to strengthen the immune system. This way, you’re enabling the body to fight the virus by providing the means for it.

There are some wonderful medicinal herbs that enhance the production of cells and antibodies that protect the body from viruses and bacterial infections such as HPV.

Here are a few natural remedies for Human papillomavirus infection that will help you boost up your immunity naturally.

1. Olive Leaf Remedy for HPV

Oleuropein, a substance naturally found in green olives and olive leaves is one of the most powerful immunostimulants out there.

This substance helps the production of T cells (lymphocytes), a special cell that is responsible with fighting viruses, including papillomaviruses.

Follow a 4 weeks long olive leaves extract cure with standardized olive extract in oleuropein. Take 6 capsules per day after meals.

Pause for 10 days and then resume if necessary.

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2. HPV Remedy with Astragalus

Have 600-1200 ml of astragalus extract per day in 60-90 days-long cures. The active principles in astragalus stimulate the body’s natural capacity to fight infection, including viruses.

Astragalus is also known to prevent cancerous developments of the genital area, the most dreadful complications related to HPV.

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3. Greater Celadine Treatment for HPV

The greater celadine leaves juice is a very popular folk treatment for skin tags or warts caused by HPV infection.

This is perhaps the easiest to do and most effective external natural remedy for HPV, but there are 2 things you need to consider. The duration of this remedy is unknown; the warts go away in a few days or months or even years from the beginning of the treatment.

And secondly, you can only do this treatment during the summer months, when celadine is green because you need to collect the juice when the plant is green. This home remedy is quite simple:

  • Break the stem of a greater celadine plant and apply the strong orange-colored juice that stream out directly to the affected areas.
  • Leave the juice on for a maximum 1 hour before washing it off.

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4. HPV Remedy with Grapefruit Seed Extract

This extract is known as the world’s most powerful anti-infection substance, able to fight off almost any virus, bacteria or parasite fungus.

  • Apply 2-3 drops of the extract locally 3 times a day and leave it on for as long as possible.
  • Follow this simple treatment for at least 30 days.

Double its efficiency by taking the extract orally as well. But beware! You should use only GSE that mentions that you can take it internally and dose it according to the instructions on the packet.

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5. Tea Tree Oil Remedy for HPV

One of world’s most powerful antiseptic, tea tree oil needs to be applied 2-3 times per day on the skin, in 2 weeks-long treatments.

Pause for 2 weeks and then resume once again.

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6. Thuja Oil Remedy that Fights HPV

In order to use thuja oil, you need to mix it 1:1 ratio with olive oil. Use it 3 times per day for 7 days treatment. After the 7 days pause for 14 days and resume.

Be careful in manipulating thuja oil and use not more than 6 drops per day, since it is highly toxic.

There are a few plants that secrete aromatic substances which have very powerful antiviral properties.

Lab tests have confirmed that the oils derived from the leaves of these plants destroy very many of the HPV stems, including the aggressive ones.

  • These essential oils need to be applied locally, directly onto the skin.
  • Put a small plaster bandage over, so the volatile substances don’t evaporate right away.
  • Soak the bandage in the same oil before application.

Essential oils can only be applied on the skin, and not on mucous tissue, like the genital or anal areas. Avoid using them on sensitive skin, because they may cause severe inflammations.

Grapefruit seed extract is better tolerated on the mucous, and it is considered the most powerful natural remedy for HPV.

These are the 2 essential oils recommended in treating the human papillomavirus infection.

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Vitamins and Minerals for Human Papillomavirus Infection

  1. Zinc and Magnesium have a paramount role in supporting a healthy immune system, hence they are essential for a healthy immune system. Zinc and Magnesium play an important role in the production and activation of the immune system cells, as well as in the production of antibodies that fight HPV.
  2. Antioxidants are also amazing in aiding the immune system stay strong. Look for fresh fruits and veggies that have a dark/black coloration such as blueberries, black currants, black grapes, red cabbage, black beans or soy, sesame, rice. The darker in color a food is, the more antioxidants it has.
  3. Vitamin A is one of your best friend in fighting HPV. This vitamin has a tremendous role in strengthening the membrane of the healthy body cells, preventing their infestation with the HPV viruses. The main sources of Vitamin A are carrots, sea buckthorn, melon, oranges, grapefruit, and orange bell peppers. As a tip, all orange colored fruits and veggies are loaded with Vitamin A.
  4. Vitamin C has the most powerful immune boosting stimulation property, recommended for patients with a weak immune system. Only fresh fruits and vegetables contain high quantities of Vitamin C. Namely: green parsley, berries, tomatoes, watermelon, grapes, red cabbage etc. But the Vitamin C champions are rose hip berries and Acerola, of course. You can take these Vitamin C supplements under the form of natural extracts. Synthetic Vitamin C is not assimilated by the body efficiently and has side-effects.

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Homeopathy for HPV

Homeopathic treatment for HPV is one of the most effective therapies in regulating and stimulating the immune system. There are numerous home remedies for HPV infection that can be taken together with other treatments or separate.

  • Asian-Tibetan mushrooms are a different category of highly-recommended immune stimulatory antioxidants. Reishi (also known as lingzhi mushroom), maitake, shitake and cordiceps are the most popular.
  • Medicinal herbs and plants are also amazing for boosting and balancing the immune system. Cat’s claw, sea buckthorn, Pau d’arco (also known as the Pink trumpet tree), Echinacea, black caraway oil and thuja oil are amongst the most effective.
  • Homeopathic medicine for HPV: thuja, nitricum acidum, natrium sulphuricum, mercurius corosivus. However, be aware that homeopathic treatments can only be prescribed by a specialized physician. For the treatment to work, it has to be adjusted for each patient.

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Best Diet for HPV

A proper diet will help you fight the HPV and regain a healthy body and mind altogether. The foods that you put into your body can help you build a strong immune system.

And so, prevent the complications related to HPV infection. Here is the ideal diet for HPV, with the foods that you need to include in your diet and the foods you need to avoid.

The Best Foods for HPV

  1. Cruciferous Vegetables. Their name comes from the fact that they have cross-shaped flours. Cruciferous veggies are amongst the most powerful uterine cancer remedies out there. This is due to a chemical compound they contain, called sulforaphane. This substance has proven antiviral and anti-cancerous properties. Broccoli, white and red cabbage and cauliflower are the foods you need in your life. A Polish study showed that women consuming fresh or pickles cabbage daily had 60% less chance to develop uterine cancers.
  2. Carrot & Parsley Root. A high daily intake of carrot and parsley roots increases the body’s resistance to cancers caused by viruses, according to a 1998 study. The reason is that carrots contain some amazing antioxidants such as falcarinol and falcarindiol.  These substances are popular for preventing cell mutations and tumor formation.
  3. Parsley, Celery and Lovage Leaves. Parsley, celery and lovage leaves are also loaded in essential oils with anti-cancer properties. Miristicin, a natural organic compound found in parsley, for instance, activates an enzyme that inhibits the growth of genital tumors.
  4. Green Onion & Garlic. The essential oils found in green onions and garlic has amazing effects on the immune system. Green onion is also full of chlorophyll, a powerful anti-cancer and hormone regulator element.
  5. Raw Seeds and Cold Pressed Oils. These foods are highly recommended for women diagnosed with genital HPV. The reason is that they contain healthy fats that help the endocrine system balance out, preventing uterine cancers.

The Worst Foods for HPV

  1. Meat and Saturated Fats. These foods disrupt the hormonal balance in the body, especially conventional meat, that is highly estrogenic. In addition, meat consumption weakens the immune system, inviting HPV infection to install in the body. Red meat, margarine, fried foods, fatty sauces like mayonnaise, as well as all the hydrogenated fat containing foods need to be off your list.
  2. White Sugar. Sugar can create imbalance in the proper functioning of the reproductive organs, in both men and women. While following a natural treatment for HPV, replace sugar with fresh fruits and honey.
  3. White Flour. White flour is not a dangerous food per se. The thing is, it deprives the body of the natural fibers that are present in whole grain flours. Instead, replace white flour with whole that contain fibers that help the immune system strengthen up.
  4. Xenoestrogens. These substances have similar effects as the feminine hormones, except they are synthetic, making them quite aggressive towards the body. Xenoestrogens are amongst the main causes for cancers. The most dangerous of them all is bisphenol A. This is found in plastic bottles or containers and can easily enter into the foods stored inside. Synthetic food additives are just as dangerous, especially taste and flavor enhancers, such as monosodium glutamate and some artificial coloring. Pesticides found in fruits and veggies are just as dangerous. To avoid xenoestrogenic foods, buy organic certified foods as much as possible. Also, buy locally from your farmer’s market and make sure the produce are untreated.

The Best Prevention Treatment for HPV is a Strong Immune System

Although there are very many topical treatments for genital or skin warts caused by HPV infection, the best treatment for the problem as a whole is a strong immune system.

The body has its own miraculous ways to heal itself completely, only we let it by supporting our immune system.

For this, you need a clean diet first of all, and then it’s all about exercise and a healthy lifestyle. By this, we mean quitting any hazardous habits that weaken the immune system and make it prone to collapsing.

Allowing the Body to Heal Naturally from HPV

As we’ve mentioned at the beginning of this article, there have been many cases of spontaneous healing from HPV infections. In most cases, a healthy diet is all you need to treat HPV for good.

However, the important thing is that you focus on bringing the mind, the soul and the spirit into harmony. When we do so, the body has all the tools necessary to repair all that needs repairing within.

There are many ways to create this mind-body harmony and you need to find the one that works for you.

Autosuggestion therapy and nature walks are great. Physical exercise and meditation are just as good ways to return to your natural state of health. We hope that the diet recommendations and the home remedies for HPV will be of help to you. Stay healthy, naturally!

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