uti home remedies

8 Home Remedies for UTI with E. Coli

Naturally found in the human large intestine, E. Coli is a bacteria that is harmless in most situations. However, there are situations when the E. Coli bacteria grows chaotically, passes into the urinary tract and …
Natural remedies from Romanian Nun Monastery Nămăiești

9 Miraculous Monastic Remedies You Should Try

Located in Argeș County, southern Romania, Nămăiești Monastery is an ancient rock carved monastery where pilgrims gather to pray and recollect. It’s not clearly known when The Nămăiești Monastery was built, but its beginnings are …
how to lower blood sugar naturally

3 Spices that Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

Blood sugar levels are directly influenced by what we eat and drink. Some foods spike up the blood sugar, while others lower blood sugar naturally. Diabetics and pre-diabetics have limited food choices, because they need to …
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