Natural Remedy for Gallstones

Gallstones are unpleasant and annoying because they start hurting and you then feel like the world comes crushing down on you. Still, there are a handful of herbal remedies and plant based treatments that you can try, as well as this natural remedy for gallstones right here. Don’t let the gallstones take control over your life and stand up to them. Have faith!

Apples, a Natural Remedy for Gallstones

Apples can be used in 2 efficient ways in gallstones and here you have both.

Cure with Apples # 1

Thoroughly wash 15 kilos of natural apples, peel them and grind them on the machine. Put the resulted apple paste into a jar and add 10% sugar (compared to the quantity of apples). Seal the mouth of the jar with a piece of clean gauze and bind tightly. Place the jar in a warm place for 4 days in a row.

After the 4 days have passed and the apple juice has separated, drain the apple juice and place it into a clean demijohn. Add sugar (1 kg of sugar per 10 l of apple juice) and let the apple juice ferment for 3 more weeks.

After the three weeks extract the apple juice with the aid of a small hose, so you make sure that sediments on the bottom of the demijohn stay there. Pour the apple juice into clean glass bottles and close them hermetically and store in a cool place. Drink the fermented juice at least one cup a day and soon the gallstones will be a matter of the past.

Apples Cure # 2

You’ll need 25 kg of apples –more succulent and sourly – a juicer, 150-200 ml of extra virgin cold pressed olive oil and 5 lemons and a handful of willpower. Three days before you start the treatment you need to eat only vegetables and drink plenty of liquids: teas, legume soups, fresh juices, plenty of water etc. The following consecutive three days you’ll need to drink fresh apple juice, pulp free every two hours, about 200-250 ml. In total, you’ll have to drink about 3 l of apple juice per day and make sure during these three days you don’t drink anything else.

The fourth day (the day off) at 8 o’clock in the evening drink 150 ml of apple juice and after 30 minutes have passed drink olive oil and lemon juice (50 ml of each every 15 minutes and three times in total). You’ll need to drink the lemon juice and olive oil a bit heated and you can also mix the two with no problems.

After the first dose of olive oil lay down on the bed on your right side and place something warm on the liver area and stay like that. After two hours have passed after the last dose of olive oil and lemon juice again lay down on the bad and slowly turn from one side to another by rolling. Make sure you don’t make any sudden movements. And in the end you’ll have another 200-250 ml of apple juice and another one in 2 hours (a cup every two hours).

Next day during noon time you’ll eliminate the gallstones, also the kidney and the bladder sand will be eliminated while urinating. Either way, with or without major discomfort, this natural remedy for gallstones will help you clean the liver, the bladder, the gallbladder, helping you feel relieved and so much better. Also, make sure that you go back to your usual diet gradually.

Home Remedy for Gallstones with Dill  

The dill seeds tea is a wonderful remedy for those who suffer from gallstones or have any other gall related problems, such as a lazy gallbladder. Pour 600 ml of hot water over 100 g of dill seeds and cover the pot for 15 minutes, until it cools down. Slip the tea and have a cup of this tea before the meals of the day: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Grapes, a great adjuvant in treating Gallstones

If you also wish to undergo a nutrition treatment, besides the herbal remedies, then we recommend to you that you follow a grapes cure. Go for the black grapes, since they contain way more minerals than the white ones, as well as Vitamin B complex, helping in the iron absorption in the body.

Beetroot Cure

If you have that bitter taste in your mouth all the time and pains right below the ribcage then you could try the beetroot cure for gallstones. The cure goes like this. Thoroughly wash and juice one big radish and one red beetroot. Drink the obtained juice before lunch and dinner in equal sizes. Also, besides this cure, make sure you eat foods that don’t aggravate the situation and consume a lot of herbal teas daily, such as common agrimony and artichoke teas. Undergo this simple treatment for at least a month and you’ll notice the gallstones have shrunk and you feel overall way better.

Horseradish – a Simple Remedy for Gallstones

Pour 400 ml of hot water over 1 tablespoon of grated horseradish root and let it infuse for an hour. Slip the content and 100 ml of this infusion at a time, 4 times per day, right before the main meals of the day. Continue having the horseradish infusion for at least 1 months and your gallstones will be gone for good.

Rose Hip Remedy

You need to prepare an infusion by adding two tablespoons of rose hip pulp in half a liter of boiled water and leave it stay for 15 minutes. Make sure you drink the entire concoction during one day time and enjoy its sweet wonderful taste. If you wish to prevent the formation of gallstones you can also prepare a simple tea with lady’s mantle by adding one tablespoon of dried plant into 200 ml of boiling water and when it has cooled down you shall drink it during the day. Drink as much tea as you can, since it has no side effects at all and will help you eliminate the gallstones faster and enjoy life again!

Onion & Olive Oil

Also, the onion soak will also do the trick for you. How? Really simple! Slice a large onion and leave it to soak into 4 tablespoons of natural sunflower oil for 10 full days. Have 2-3 teaspoons a day of this oil before the three meals of the day and repeat the procedure a few days in a row and you see some amazing results and begin to feel better.

Natural Remedy for Gallstones using Hazelnuts

Have you ever heard about the hazelnut decoction? Well, we have to say that it does a really great job in gallbladder related problems, such as gallstones.

  1. Fill a 250 ml mug with shelled hazelnuts. Wash them and dry them and then get them out of their shells.
  2. Mince the hazelnuts until you get this really fine powder.
  3. Pour the powder in 1 liter of water and let them simmer at medium heat until the water drops to 250 ml.
  4. Portion the decoction in 4 equal parts and have one part 30 minutes before breakfast. 
  5. Then immediately lay down in bed on your right side.
  6. Repeat this procedure three times at 1 week intervals of time. 
  7. You will eliminate the gallstones under the form of a greenish stool and you’ll regain your health.

Simple Cure for Gallstones with Seabuckthorn

This last natural remedy for gallstones is also amazing for other gall problems as well as liver conditions. Make sure you get the well ripped seabuckthorn berries with an intense coloring to them (reddish-orange in color). Get the juice from 1 kg of fresh berries and mix it with 200 g of natural acacia honey. Shake well so that the honey dissolves and drink the entire quantity throughout the day. This simple cure needs to be continued for a longer period of time because it doesn’t have any major contraindications. Here are the main seabuckthorn contraindications, to make sure you can undergo this remedy.

Olive Oil Cure for Gallstones

This natural treatment required a 3 days and it starts by not eating any solid foods for the first 48 hours. In these first 48 hours all you are allowed to eat is natural squeezed apple juice. In the third day you need to press a bottle with hot water in the area of the liver and gallbladder for 15 minutes after which you need to drink 100 ml of cold pressed natural olive oil and right after a little lemon juice. Repeat this at 15 minutes gap another two times. Lay down on the bed on your right side with the hot water bottle pressed unto the liver and gallbladder to facilitate the dilatation of the biliary channels and the elimination of the stones and sand.

Follow at least one of these natural remedies for gallstones and gallbladder problems and enjoy a brand new gall as well as a strong health!

Natural Remedy for Gallstones
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