Home Remedy for Polycystic Kidney Disease and a PKD Diet Plan

Polycystic kidney disease also referred to as PKD or PCKD is considered to be a genetic disorder when abnormal cyst-like formations develop in the kidneys. Although, modern medicine has a very intrusive and somewhat drastic treatment for PKD, you can improve your condition with this simple home remedy for polycystic kidney disease that we are about to share with you.

Home Remedy for PKD with White Incense

polycystic kidney syndrome remedy

White incense has been long considered nature’s wonder in grinding kidney stones and dissolving benign tumors, this is why there’s been many cases in which people have healed with this 4 weeks long white incense home remedy that goes like this.

In the first week of treatment you need to swallow a small piece of white incense the size of a medium size pea.

Attention! You need to be really careful that the incense doesn’t touch your teeth, because it can cause cavities! For extra safety, insert the incense piece into a tiny piece of bread that you can safely swallow without chewing.

Continue taking the white incense piece for the week 2, 3 and 4 as you did in the first week, but this time take it every other day, not every day.

As simple as it sounds, this home remedy for polycystic kidney disease has helped many suffering from PKD go back to a normal and active life.

Kidney Protection Diet for Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)

Whoever suffers from PKD, needs to follow a restrictive diet for improving the health of the kidneys. And when you think this diet can change your life for the better, you might want to give it a show. It is a totally harmless plant based diet for the protection of the kidneys that goes like this:â

Replace the tap water with:

  1. fresh carrot juice (you may use other veggies as well is smaller quantities)
  2. natural spring water from the mountains
  3. diuretic teas

Replace sugar with:

  • 100% natural raw honey

Replace oils and fast with:

  • 100% natural cold pressed olive oil (other kind of cold pressed oils could also do)

Replace table salt with:

  • natural raw sea salt (that comes with 110 natural chemical elements compared to regular table salt)

Replace white bread with:

  • graham bread or sprouted wheat

Replace animal based proteins (meant, cheese, eggs, milk) with:

  • plant based proteins like pollen, beans, peas, sprouted wheat

Replace termic cooked foods with:

  • raw fruits and veggies as fresh salads or seeds.

Remove from your diet:

  • meat, cheese, eggs, milk (because these foods force the kidneys to make great efforts)

Also, avoid exaggerated physical activity that you can replace with daily slow paced walks. Avoid stress and have faith and keep a positive thinking. Be persistent, keep a positive mind frame and trust your life journey!

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