Category: Herbs

Vaginal Itching Remedy

Home Remedy for Vaginal Itching

Hello there ladies! Having a little itch down there? Well, don’t worry too much, cause we have the perfect home remedy for vaginal itching based on plant sitz baths. Simple as they look at first, these 2 …
soporific herbs

Basil, a Natural Soporific Herb

For those of you who want to know more on the natural properties of basil, or simply have a hard time sleeping at night, the good news is that basil is a natural soporific herb …
natural heart palpitations treatment

Natural Treatment for Heart Palpitations

Often times heart palpitations are the side effects of a stressful and exhausting work schedule or the result of an intense and prolonged state of anxiety. However, no matter the case every ill has its cure …
open wounds natural remedy

Natural Remedies for Open Wounds

This is a simple natural remedy for open wounds that I remember my grandmother used to prepare when I was a child. She used to grow in her own little veggies garden the beautiful golden marigold …
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